How to Submit a Blog

Go to your account page; in the left hand menu you'll see an option for 'Write a blog post' - clicking on this link will take you to the blog homepage, where you can start to write your post.

Before posting any blogs, we advise reading through our blog guidelines, just to make sure that you don't write anything which may delay or block your post from going on to the site. Once you've read our guidelines, click 'Start writing your blog'

4 easy steps to writing a blog:

  1. Give it a title - tell us, in a few words, what you're writing about.
  2. Fill in the short title - sum up your piece in just a few words.
  3. Content - write about your topic, ideally splitting the text in to manageable chucks and using handy subheadings to break up the piece for readers.
  4. Tags - choose from our preset tags to make sure your content is easier to find on the site.

Once you're happy with what you've written, click 'save and preview' to see what the post will look like once it goes live on the site. If you're happy with what you see, you can then click 'Publish' and the blog will appear on the site shortly.

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    Thanks for sharing the valuable information. i will follow above guidelines while i am posting the topics on general discussion.




    Voice Engineer

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    Thank you soo much for this whole information, we sometimes need these minute details to make sure everything is right. I have forwarded this to my office team to read. Thanks again.

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    mikasa smith

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